Sustainability Demystified! A Practical Guide for Business Leaders and Managers


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Sustainability Demystified! introduces businesspeople, regardless of industry or sector, to sustainability business practices. Whether you work for a small or large company, in banking or retail, in Michigan or Texas, there are lessons that can be gained that can immediately be applied to your business.

Kyle Denning, Managing Partner of Sustainable Energy Financing LLC

Sustainability has in many ways become an overused “buzzword”, masking a very serious subject that requires commitment on the part of companies, communities, and individuals. Sustainability and the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ are well on their way to becoming what “lean manufacturing practices” are already, an expected way of doing business. Yet many companies are still struggling with the pathway to sustainability. The book Sustainability Demystified! is an eminently practical guide to a complex subject, and should put many companies, particularly small to medium size firms, well on their way to a pathway of understanding and implementing sustainable practices in their companies.

Birgit Klohs, President and CEO of the Right Place Inc.

Sustainability Demystified! is a comprehensive practical toolbox that addresses all aspects of the sustainability ‘Triple Bottom Line’ in a succinct way. What sets Norman Christopher’s book apart is the array of tools and best practices for small to medium size businesses. The wealth of the author’s knowledge has been put to great use and will be beneficial to all who read this book. I would strongly recommend using this book for a foundation course in any graduate program, especially in an MBA program or Executive MBA program. We plan to use it at our university.

Dr. Jaideep Motwani, Chair and Professor of management, Seidman College of Business, Grand Valley State University

Sustainability has become a business imperative. Those companies that are not preparing for a more resource and carbon-constrained world will find themselves struggling to maintain their place in a global marketplace. Sustainability Demystified! provides a valuable “essentials guide” to forward thinking business owners interested in staying one step ahead of the competition in the growing green economy.

Peter Perez, Past Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Manufacturing, U.S. Department of Commerce, Owner of Carter Products Company

This practical guide will show the small business owner the ability to view his or her business from a different and strategic set of eyes. The entrepreneur will be able to assess their business, develop a sustainability plan, and implement new strategies for their business operations. It will be exciting to see how companies will transform their businesses while adding to the bottom line.

Dante Villareal, Director, West Michigan Small Business Technology Development Center

Sustainability, while crucial to future prosperity, has become an overused buzzword, meaning everything from waste reduction to poverty. In this excellent and practical guide, Norman Christopher really does demystify sustainability, making it something that companies can not only aspire to, but reduce to practice.

Stuart L. Hart, Cornell University, Author of Capitalism at the Crossroads

Before most of us could spell sustainability, Grand Valley State University, under Norman Christopher’s leadership was far advanced in practice. This seminal book—coming as it does early in the sustainability movement—will rapidly become a classic in the field. Read it and be inspired.

George Heartwell, Mayor, City of Grand Rapids Michigan

Norman has been a catalyst in the field of sustainability in West Michigan, bringing together leaders from the business, government, education, and non-profit sectors. He has played a central role in West Michigan’s rise on the national stage of sustainability and earned the respect and accolades from our community. Sustainability Demystified! is a practical, hands-on approach to the application of the many principles of sustainability as they touch all aspects of business. Norman has done a wonderful job of articulating concepts and then providing practical applications to demonstrate the teaching.

Brad Thomas, President, Progressive AE

The United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has been and continues to be very important to West Michigan and demonstrates our leadership in the green building movement. Also, very important is the ongoing performance of our LEED buildings, measuring and reporting the impact to a business economically, environmentally, and to the health of the people that work there. Norman has captured the best practices and examples that we so desperately need to share about sustainability to improve overall business performance.

Renae Hesselink, Past Chair of the West Michigan Chapter of the USGBC

The more of the mystery that we can take out of sustainability, the more that can be accomplished. This practical guide will allow business leaders who have achieved some level of sustainability to improve their performance even more. Norman has also created a clear approach for the manager new to sustainability and those that have already achieved some level of success but wish to go further.

Mike Olthoff, President of Nichols Inc., Muskegon, Michigan